I can usually edit a book in 2-3 weeks, but I’ll be able to give you a better estimate when you contact me. I’ve worked with authors from the UK, the US and Australia, and can cope with all varieties of English grammar and spelling.

I offer proofreading, copy editing or full book development advice.

Proofreading/Copy editing

If you want simple proofreading or copy editing, I can do that at a straightforward cost of £100 per 10,000 words. I’ll read through your manuscript carefully, correcting mistakes in the grammar, punctuation or spelling, and I’ll also draw your attention to any mistakes of continuity, any repetition, any confusion or sentences that don’t make sense. So I’ll let you know if you used ‘compliment’ instead of ‘complement’, or if your main character has shiny black hair in chapter two and frizzy red hair in chapter sixteen.

I’m happy to discuss your work with you, and answer any questions or concerns. When I’ve finished, I’ll send you a final corrected version of your manuscript and a separate version showing the ‘tracking’, so you can see where corrections have been made.

I can just edit the first three chapters of your work if you wish, so you’ve got a polished sample to send to agents and publishers.

Development Editing

If you want more detailed advice about your book, I can offer full development editing at a cost of £200 per 10,000 words. For this, I’ll discuss with you the structure of your book, the style of your writing and how you could improve your work. For fiction, we’ll talk about plot and character development, the impact of the ending and so on; for non-fiction, we’ll look at how you could improve the layout and balance of your work and whether you need to expand or edit any aspects. I’ll also do a full copy edit once you’ve made any improvements, so you’ll come away with a thoroughly checked manuscript.

Please feel free to contact me with any enquiries.

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